Our Mission

Girls Action Network, Inc. ("GAN") is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping middle and high school girls—with special emphasis on those from underrepresented communities—become the best they can be. Through participation in innovative learning experiences with particular focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), self-awareness assessments, educational activities and mentoring, GAN encourages girls to shatter the stereotypes that limit their career options and enables them to explore their opportunities and guide their own direction toward vocational and personal success.

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Why GAN?

GAN's long-term goals are to empower girls to shatter stereotypes and expand their opportunities through programs and services that can be replicated where there is a need. We aim to develop a diverse pool of human capital and motivated leaders for corporations, civic organizations and the community. Moreover, given the many outstanding and existing organizations whose missions serve at cross-sections to its efforts, GAN strives to serve as the connector among them, focusing on collaborative partnerships and associations.

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The Student Corner

This is a place to find helpful information to help you explore careers, educational options and resources, or just find out more about yourself and what you like. We want this to be your place on the GAN website. So, bookmark this page and visit it often.

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Did You Know?

In the coming years, 65 percent of the economy will be based on information technology.

Speaker Bureau

The Girls Action Network (“GAN”) provides a unique opportunity for GAN to further its mission to help girls become the best they can be. In addition, the Speakers Bureau serves as a voice to deliver messages relating to the issues encompassing the GAN vision.

Elisa Basnight

Careers & Career Exploration, Education, Facilitator / Chairperson / MC, Future Trends / Global Economy, Motivation

Ileana Griffiths

Careers & Career Exploration, Health / Fitness / Stress, Presentation Skills

Stephanie Humphrey

Adventure & Sports, Facilitator / Chairperson / MC, Health / Fitness / Stress, Presentation Skills, Technology

Mary Ann F. Jackson

Business & the Economy, Business Management & Organization, Careers & Career Exploration, Facilitator / Chairperson / MC, Motivation

Kyle Pasewark

Careers & Career Exploration, Education, Motivation, Presentation Skills, Time Management

Majorie Perry

Business & the Economy, Business Management & Organization, Current Events & Politics, Education

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Girls Action Network® ("GAN") is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping girls — with emphasis on those from underserved communities — participate and lead within the 3S workforce: STEM, supply chain and the skilled trades.