Ileana Griffiths


Ileana Griffiths has always pursued varied interests. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a Masters in Management, she spent the next 14 years working in the Human Resources field. She presently works at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield as a Project Manager in the Medical Cost Reduction organization.  In the past, her valuable skills and experiences in the corporate world continued to serve her during her time working with INROADS, where she partnered with both students and corporate clients. She has also channeled her desire for service into the fitness and health arena. Through the establishment of Your Being, a wellness company, she has positively impacted the health of those whom she instructs at fitness clubs, trains individually or educates in group lectures.

Ileana is:

  • A past manager with INROADS, a not-for-profit organization that provides corporate internships to colleges students
  • A vice president of Girls Action Network and interim volunteer coordinator
  • A certified Fitness and Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • A president and founder of Your Being…Wellness*Spirit*Life

Speech Topics:

  • On the Go Yoga: a lecture and practice session that provides a “do it wherever you are” approach to yoga
  • What You Need To Know About Fitness & Nutrition: a lecture on the basics of fitness and nutrition; understanding the buzz words and distinguishing the hype
  • Kid Healthy & Fit: a lecture and practice session on fitness and nutrition that provides an approach within a pre-teen’s or teenager’s control

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