Programs and Services

The GAN Philosophy

GAN’s service model is based on the following tenets:

  • Employing systematic, collaborative and comprehensive techniques
  • Combining responsibility of educators, community organizations, parents, higher education and the business community
  • Providing skills and experiences
  • Focusing on process and outcomes
  • Offering flexibility to meet the needs and resources of the stakeholders

Program Options

GAN’s program and services for students are based on two tracks of serviced constituents: (i) GAN Girls with no sponsor nor affiliated organization and (ii) students with a host organization that contracts with GAN to provide GAN pre-formatted programs and services or to perform a custom-tailored program for their specific organization. GAN’s program and service offerings revolve around eight core areas, which are:

1. Career Exploration & Planning
Options emphasize the importance of exposure to career exploration and enable students to manage the career planning process. The GAN Champions for Empowerment and Opportunity® mentors (“CEOs”), who are successful women in a variety of traditional and non-traditional careers acting as positive role models for the girls, is a cornerstone of this service area.

2. Self-Assessment
Options help students develop a clearer picture of themselves as unique individuals.

3. Labor Market Information (LMI) and Career Information
Options provide insight into jobs and related labor market statistics, allowing students to make informed career choices.

4. Essential Skills for Success
Options encourage students to develop skills necessary for success in their personal and vocational endeavors.

5. Education & Training
Options guide students to determine what schools or institutions offer the programs or classes they require and to develop knowledge around the application and financial aid processes.

6. Preparing for the Workplace
Options provide students with information about how to master the many strategies of a successful hiring process and the aftermath, including the role of mentors.

7. Community Leadership
Options promote students’ involvement in community-related activities and acquaint them with current issues, dynamics, opportunities and challenges in their communities.

8. Health & Fitness
Options emphasize the importance of health and fitness by providing informational and practical sessions that offer exposure to exercise and nutritional approaches.


Series 2-hour sessions
1/2-Day Session 3-hour program
Full-Day Session 6-hour program
Panel Discussion 1-hour program
Lunch & Learn 2-hour program
Forum Discussions Various

To discuss questions and/or service requests, please contact the GAN Programs & Services Coordinator at [email protected].

Girls Action Network® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping middle school and high school girls - with special emphasis on those from underserved communities — become the best they can be.