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GAN Speakers

GAN Topic Subjects:
  • Adventure & Sports
  • Business & the Economy
  • Business Management & Organization
  • Careers & Career Exploration
  • Change
  • Communication
  • Current Events & Politics
  • Customer Service & Etiquette
  • Education
  • Facilitator / Chairperson / MC
  • Future Trends / Global Economy
  • Health / Fitness / Stress
  • Marketing
  • Motivation
  • Multicultural Issues
  • Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Teen Issues
  • Technology
  • Time Management
  • Women's Issues
  • Information Technologies
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Business Acumen
Ileana Griffiths
Speaking Topics:
Careers & Career Exploration, Health / Fitness / Stress, Presentation Skills.
Yolanda P. Grimes
Speaking Topics:
Change, Health / Fitness / Stress, Motivation, Teen Issues, Women's Issues.
Stephanie Humphrey
Speaking Topics:
Technology, Health / Fitness / Stress, Presentation Skills, Adventure & Sports, Facilitator / Chairperson / MC.
Mary Ann F. Jackson
Speaking Topics:
Business & the Economy, Business Management & Organization, Careers & Career Exploration, Facilitator / Chairperson / MC, Motivation.
Kyle Pasewark
Speaking Topics:
Careers & Career Exploration, Education, Motivation, Presentation Skills, Time Management.
Majorie Perry
Speaking Topics:
Business Management & Organization, Business & the Economy, Education, Current Events & Politics.
Renee Russell
Speaking Topics:
Facilitator / Chairperson / MC, Motivation, Multicultural Issues, Workforce Strategy, Teamwork, Business Management & Organization, Careers & Career Exploration, Change, Customer Service & Etiquette, Education, Business Acumen.
Lisa Russell-Charles
Speaking Topics:
Careers & Career Exploration, Change, Education, Motivation, Presentation Skills, Communication, Facilitator / Chairperson / MC.
Dr. Quincy Tharps
Speaking Topics:
Change, Communication, Health / Fitness / Stress, Multicultural Issues, Teen Issues, Women's Issues.
Lori L. Tharps
Speaking Topics:
Communication, Facilitator / Chairperson / MC, Multicultural Issues, Current Events & Politics.


How Can I Become a GAN Speaker?
In an effort to provide the highest caliber of resources available to its program participants, GAN is continuously seeking new speaker talent and encourages interested parties to complete a Speaker Information Form.

How Can I Inquire About a Speaker?

Please complete a Booking Information Request Form to inquire about a specific speaker.

Questions or requests for additional information should be sent to Lisa Charles at .

Girls Action Network® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping girls ages 11 and up -- with special emphasis on those from underserved communities -- become the best they can be.